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Are you suffering from foxes intruding onto your property?

Have foxes set up home under your shed or decking?

Are they bringing rubbish home with them, digging up and fouling the garden, harassing your pets or causing noisy disturbances in the night?

If this is the case we can help.

Unfortunately in some situations urban foxes can cause serious damage to property, and potentially serious health risks to both humans and pets.

Due to these facts we offer humane, fast and effective fox pest control throughout the London area. Using modern equipment our discreet, professional and friendly team will eradicate these troublesome pests giving you long-term peace of mind.


We survey for fox activity & entry points

We discreetly set modern, humane traps in problem areas

We guarantee a fast and reliable callout service for removal of trapped foxes


A family business

We are a family-run business. This means that all of our staff are fully committed to the same goal, giving a honest and professional service.

At London Fox Control we are fully aware of the fact that our success is purely due to client satisfaction. This means we only use market-leading, effective and humane techniques in all the fox removal solutions we undertake.

We pride ourselves on being prompt, discreet, professional and thorough in all aspects of our business.






Make your property fox unfriendly

  1. Store rubbish in sealed bins.

  2. Remove anything edible such as pet food, bird food, fallen fruit etc.

  3. Remove heavy undergrowth.

  4. Do not use plant food with animal products in them such as bone meal.

  5. Vulnerable pets or poultry should never be left to free range unsupervised.

  6. Children’s toys should be put away every night.

  7. Use an enclosed composter as compost heaps contain grubs, worms and other wildlife foxes feed on.

  8. Cover garden lighting cable and irrigation systems in metal conduit or plastic guttering.

  9. Sheds should be sited in the centre of a solid concrete slab or paving slabs. This concrete base should be wider than, and overlap the shed in order to prevent foxes digging underneath. If the shed is to be placed in the corner of the garden it should be placed as close as possible to any fencing, eliminating any possible gaps which can be used as fox harbourages.

  10. Decking. Paving slabs can be laid adjacent to decking to prevent foxes from digging underneath and setting up home. Two-inch galvanised steel mesh can be used to block any access points around the sides.

  11. Bristle strips can be fixed to the top of fencing or walls to discourage foxes climbing over. Paving slabs or steel mesh can be laid/dug in, along the bottom of fences in order to deter digging under. Metal rods can also be driven into the ground in order to create an underground fence.

  12. Steel mesh can be attached to metal railing type gates and fencing using cable ties to prevent foxes squeezing through gaps.

  13. Scent deterrents can be effective. Two of which we have found helpful are “scoot” and “get off my garden cat and dog repellent”.



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